Left shoulder blade pain

Left shoulder blade pain
Left shoulder blade pain

Left Shoulder Blade Pain is due to many reasons. It can be from some irregular movements and irregular exercises to some disease like lung cancer. So it should never be ignored as it has a bad effect on your lifestyle. It can lead to some serious discomfort. Due to which you are tend to bound to bed and may tend to follow some exceptions including your hobbies example- swimming. That’s why intelezsolution has brought some information and treatment to cure left shoulder blade pain.

Causes of left shoulder blade pain:
Untuned body or bad body posture
Some people have very poor posture. Their body shape becomes untuned. Their sitting posture doesn’t appeal in body relaxation. They tend to sit and stand in improper way. Your back should always straight along with your neck and head. While sitting, walking or standing. A person with poor posture generally suffers from joint pain and left shoulder blade pain
is very common among them. The muscles under their left shoulder blade and around it become tired, irritated, or inflamed.

Left Shoulder blade (left scapula) fracture
Scapula is a bone also known as shoulder blade. It is situated between 2 bones known as upper arm bone and collar bone. It provides a strong support to these 2 bones. It is a flat bone and seems to be triangular in shape. Scapula fracture rarely occurs. It generally occurs due to high power collision and accidents. It can be a cause of left shoulder blade pain. toktokbet

Degenerative process and weakness
Most of the people suffering from left shoulder blade pain are generally old aged. In old age our muscles becomes weak. Our bones become brittle which can cause scapula fracture which in turn causes left shoulder blade pain. Aging is the process in which degenerative process in tissues and bone marrow start. At this stage living beings loses all its strength and is exposed to many diseases which are due to low immunity. That’s why it is the main cause of left shoulder blade pain.

Lung cancer (pancoast syndrome)
Lung cancer is also known as pancoast tumors. It starts to grow at the top of lung and weakens the chest wall. It results in Left shoulder blade pain. Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. But it is also due to exposure of body to harmful chemicals and second hand smoking.

Muscle strain and damage
Left shoulder blade pain sometimes it occurs due to burst and damage in muscles, ligaments and tendons around and under left shoulder blade. It symptoms include
-Left shoulder blade pain

Dislocations and separations
One’s shoulder due to heavy collision sometimes gets dislocated. It means it pops out from your socket. It is very painful and sometimes can cause arm amputation. But left shoulder blade pain
is generally caused due to minor dislocations in left shoulder.

Ways to cure left shoulder blade pain
Weight loss to prevent left shoulder blade pain
Extra mass would put unnecessary pain on joints and bones. If one is suffering from a bone disease called osteoporosis, then extra weight would lead to degeneration of bone marrow and your bone will become brittle leading to left shoulder joint pain.

Icing, hot pads and rest
Take plenty of rest, avoiding any work and wasting calories. It will give time to body to heal left shoulder blade pain. Compress your lefts shoulder using an elastic wrap. Apply ice on your joint which will provide relief from inflammation.

If you remain active, you will maintain muscle strength, which helps to boost bone strength and significantly lowers your risk of falling or accidentally breaking a bone. Remaining active will also keep energy levels up and prevent the onset of other age-related disorders. It will prevent scapula fracture and in turn prevent left shoulder blade pain.

Magnesium capsules are a good thing to add to your day-to-day life, but they work best when used in conjunction with an improved diet.
Eat foods that are high in magnesium, which include dark leafy greens (like spinach), nuts, and legumes (beans.). It will keep your joints strong and healthy and in turn preventing left shoulder blade pain.